Pregnancy and You

I'm pregnant

I’m Pregnant What’s Happening To Me?

Carrying a child in the womb is akin to partnering in God’s greatest creation! Pregnancy brings about a number of changes in a woman. The earliest symptoms of pregnancy can appear in the first few weeks after conception. What you experience may range from nausea and tender breasts to dizziness and mood swings. It is important to understand these symptoms because if you do, you can easily avoid unnecessary anxieties.

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I Am In My 1st Trimester

(Week 1-12)

What is happening to me?

Becoming a mother is the best thing that happens to a woman. However, the changes that a woman’s body undergoes in a short span of time can be a bit taxing. If you are pregnant and in your first trimester, you are probably excited and anxious at the same time, but a bit of fact finding is all you need to set your worries to rest.

Women who become pregnant for the first time might not be aware of some of the facts. A baby in the womb causes hormonal changes. And the changes come at a fast pace. These hormonal changes can lead to a number of bodily changes and experiences. There are some common physical changes during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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In My First Trimester

I’m In My 2nd Trimester

(Week 13 - 27)

What is happening to me?

With the coming of your second trimester; you will be more energetic and feel like your previous self. Your morning sickness and fatigue will fade which will give you time for preparing for the baby. Most women find these three months to be the easiest and take out time for themselves.

Changes: Back-ache

Your back will feel itchy and sore due to the pressure put by the extra weight you gained lately. Quick habits such as sitting up straight, sleeping sideways with a pillow between the legs, using a well cushioned/supported chair would help you reduce the pain. Avoid lifting/ carrying heavy things. If the pain gets unbearable, call for a pregnancy massage or ask your partner to caress the sore spots.

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In My Second Trimester

I Am In My 3rd Trimester

(28-40 Weeks)

What is happening to me?

This is the most emotionally and physically challenging trimester of the pregnancy. The size of the baby and its positions might make you uncomfortable. You will be tired of being pregnant and will wish to move on to the next phase. You will also be preparing yourself for the due date and might get disappointed if it is not eventful. A positive outlook will help you and the feeling of holding the new born will keep you going.

Third trimester pregnancy:
The body: As the baby is growing, his/her movements will become very obvious. These wonderful sensations will be accompanied by discomfort and third trimester symptoms.

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In My Third Trimester

Delivery & Post Care

The big day and taking postpartum care. The various changes during the entire term of pregnancy changes your body in more than many ways. Even after the delivery, there are several changes that you might experience.

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