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Various Stress Factors Can Make You
Age Faster

Various Stress Factors

A stressful lifestyle with little or no physical activity adds to everyday stress levels[13,14,15]. Tensions at workplace or demanding household chores increase stress levels in the body leading to poor health.
Long-term mental stress factors speed up the natural ageing process by causing damage to body tissues:
Stress may make you look older than your age, lead to poor health and affect overall well-being in the long run[16,17]. Stress disturbs the chemical balance of the body and makes you age faster.


  • Chemical substances released in the body due to stress can damage various
    organ systems[16] affecting their normal functioning and making you age faster.


With advancing age, the body is not able to completely neutralize these substances, leading to an increase in their blood levels[16,17]. Compounds called antioxidants can neutralize these substances, helping reduce their harmful effects on the body.


Horlicks Lite is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Zinc, Copper and Selenium, nutrients that are known to support anti-oxidant defences of the body. Antioxidant defences of the body work towards preventing cell-damage.


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