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Immunity And Your Child's Growth

Decoding The Link

Ensuring complete nutrition for their children is a universal concern for all parents. From the moment you become a parent, the overall well-being of your child is your primary focus. Whether or not your child is getting enough nutrition for proper growth and good immunity to fight back external forces becomes one of your main concerns.

While a well-balanced and nutritious meal that includes essential nutrients is theoretically easy to plan, practically children often manage to avoid nutritious foods and somehow find a way of laying their hands on ‘junk’ food instead.

Experts agree that for optimal health and cognitive development in children, proper growth needs to go hand in hand with strong immunity. The link is often stronger than we imagine.

Research states that poor nutrition is strongly linked to compromised immune function and physical growth along with impairment of motor and mental skills5. This is because children require a variety of nutrients in order to meet their high metabolic needs per unit weight and sustained neurological development5.

The developmental years (6-10 years)

Your child’s immune system is in a nascent stage at birth. The first five years are critical in terms of establishing a strong immune system, which continues to build until the age of 7.  After 7, it begins to respond to the internal and external environment.

The first years of life of a child till the age of 10, a child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social development is rapid and it can be dramatically impacted by nutrition intake and environment2. The quality of diet taken during this time can have a great influence both on his growth and immune function later on in life. Scientific studies have found that undernourished children most often have poor immunity1. Low immunity or immune deficiency causes your child to fall sick frequently owing to greater susceptibility to infections and disease causing germs. This in turn impacts their overall growth and development.

Good nutrition leads to good immunity

Nutrient deficiency impacts the immunity of your child in a big way. Micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins are very essential components of your child’s everyday diet. Though required in small quantities, they are very critical to growth and development, disease fighting, good immune function and overall wellness. Micronutrients that help build up good immunity are zinc, selenium, iron, copper, vitamins A, C, D, E, and B-6, and folic acid1. These micronutrients have a massive impact on immune responses and on the growth of your child. For instance, selenium has been linked to enhanced immune function in children4. Also, B-6 deficiency can lead to underdevelopment in your child. Other common nutrient deficiencies are iodine deficiency, Vitamin A deficiency, and iron deficiency.

Health Food Drinks

Despite your best intentions, the food you give your child these days often fails to offer complete nutrition. Health food drinks like Horlicks has 23 vital nutrients can support your child achieve their growth potential. Healthy development in growing children is indicated through the five signs of growth viz. more muscle, more bone area, healthier blood, better concentration and healthy weight gain.

The unique blend of micronutrients in Horlicks has 100% RDA of 7 immunity-nutrients *that help support their immune system. A healthy body with a strong immune system not only helps with your child’s physical growth but also boosts their confidence and mental abilities, something all mothers strive for.


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Horlicks contains 9 nutrients (Vit B6, B12, C, D, Copper, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium and Zinc) which are scientifically proven to have an important role in supporting immunity.

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